what's the faq, ma'am?

Working with Lynn is a terrific way to get projects done quickly and enjoyably. When not serving her clients, Lynn cares for her two small boys and also her mom. This has never resulted in a missed deadline; in fact, her working hours are often unconventional so as to get things done while the house is quiet. Sometimes if you call, you might hear kids in the background, and very rarely, their crises will be more important than work. Just remember, it's nice when smart people procreate.

Also, sometimes Lynn will suggest that you subcontract with another partner or vendor to achieve your project goals. In these instances, fees will be billed directly by that contractor or vendor.

That's it. Not bad, huh? And don't worry about the family stuff getting in the way -- even when her mom was having brain surgery, Lynn managed to get a client placed on TV and in two local newspapers. Just putting it out there...