hot results, all in a share's work

Press releases: Lynn's client HitPoint Studios had her write one release and it got them in this paper and in this paper and on TV. Lynn's client Linda McCarthy appeared in this paper and nationwide after Lynn publicized the launch of the Own Your Space Security-Information Platform.

Corporate-image enhancement: Coaching Caregivers, LLC, had a one-page home page and home-printed business cards when they started working with Lynn. This is the second Web-site redesign Lynn has done for them in the past four years, and yes, their professionally printed letterhead and two-sided business cards are simply gorgeous.

Databases: Need to know the top 80 reporters or analysts covering your field? Yeah, Lynn does that. And one pitch she did from such a LBJ-generated database landed a client in The New York Times.

Web-site creation/redesign: Temp-Pro Inc. was sitting on a ton of information but needed to get it on the web in a manner fast and conservative enough for their heavy-construction target market. Here's the result, which is also netting them a lovely #1 Google page-rank.

Analyst-briefing appointments with transcription of proceeds. Can't show you these (proprietary information and all that), but I booked analyst briefings for Mirapoint Software from 2008-2010 and they just merged with Critical Path. Coincidence? I wrote all their press releases and couple of case studies prior to the merger, too. (One person told me that the briefing notes "read like a play.")

Social-media vivification (including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook): Just finished one for someone whose company is about to be bought for billions of dollars; he wants to make sure he nets the best possible position from the transaction. Can't tell you for whom, but I'll keep you posted when the secrecy-veil is lifted.

Blog set-up and article writing: This is kind of a cheat, as Lynn's blog Motormouth is the world's oldest blog (16 years this April!), but she can write on myriad subjects, including personal finance.

Hairy writing projects: Lynn is the author of a book and a 300-word debt glossary. If you need something big written, she's probably your gal.

Customer surveys: People love to talk with Lynn on the phone. Mercedes-Benz of Oakland's Service Department hired her to complete a 100-person customer-satisfaction phone survey. The results helped them fill perceived holes in their customer service.

And Much More!